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Dr Richard Record MChiro BSc (Hons) D.C.

Principal Chiropractor

Dr Richard is the clinic director and principal chiropractor at Exeter Chiropractor.


Richard specialises in lower back pain, sciatica and disc complaints. He is licensed to take and read x-rays and refer for all imaging including MRI and CT scans.


Richard’s professional interests include the management of challenging and chronic complaints that have proven difficult to treat elsewhere.

Richard’s journey into chiropractic started in 1998 after completing his first degree in Applied Biology. Having focused his interests in human anatomy, neurology and physiology he began to look for a career that would use the knowledge he had gained.

In his early 20's Richard started getting neck pain, headaches and pain in his right arm. A friend recommended that he should see a chiropractor and following his consultation it was explained that these symptoms were all related to a mountain bike accident Richard had when he was 15. Coming off the mountain bike and landing directly on his head had caused a neck injury, a bit like a whiplash injury, Richard had essentially misaligned several of the vertebrae in his neck. These vertebral misalignments were then starting to 'pinch' nerves causing the neck pain, headaches and pain in the arms. Richard has this to say about his first experience of chiropractic;

“I had been trying to manage my pain with painkillers like ibuprofen with little success when a friend recommended that I see his chiroprator. The package of care was excellent. The chiropractor wasn’t just interested in getting me out of pain, but in finding out the cause of the pain. The chiropractor explained that pain is how our body lets us know there is something wrong, that we can either choose to ignore it or do something about it. By correcting the underlying problem I was pain free and more importantly I have stayed pain free.”


Inspired by the results of chiropractic care Richard knew exactly what he wanted to do. He embarked on a 5-yr Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) at the prestigious Anglo-European Chiropractic College.


As a chiropractor, Richard has worked at clinics in Bournemouth, Taunton and Surrey before returning to his home county of Devon where he started the Exeter Chiropractor clinic in 2010. His aim is to bring the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care to Exeter to provide the best non-surgical treatment possible.

Richard lives in Exeter with his wife Sarah, a nurse at the RD&E hospital, daughter Lily (age 9) and son Max (age 7).


In his spare time you will find Richard out on his road bike or mountain bike and he is a founding member of Exeter Cycling Club. In 2019 Richard completed his first 100-mile cycle ride, the Nello 100 mile ride in support of the local Force charity. Richard is also a keen skier and snowboarder.